Redesign & Implement the Willamette Hurling Club website

Problem Statement(s)

Having conducted usability testing, it's clear there are a number of potential areas for improvement in terms of usability and user experience.

User Research & Analysis

There are two main types of target users for the website, existing club members and potentially new players looking for more information. For existing club members:

For potentially new players:


We will have a showcase area with a banner which will be consistent through the entire site, as well as the menu bar. The will ensure the design remains consistent throughout each page.

Also, we'll have a few embedded iframes for youTube videos and for a google calendar showing events. We must be able to make these elements responsive which is a key assumption in this design. This can sometimes be tricky when not using bootstrap.

Home screen

What is Hurling screen

Position & Skills screen

Schedule & Events screen

Contact screen

Design Prototype

The clubs colours are amber (primary), navy (secondary) and white (tertiary). The colours are tricky to work with, so we will use white as the main background for the site as it is the most neutral. Amber text on a navy background doesn't look or feel natural.

The site is responsive so it is usable on mobile. An example of this can be seen is that the menu options will be replaced with a standard menu icon which drops down the options when it is clicked. The iframes which hold the YouTube videos and the google calendar will appear smaller on mobile and preserve their aspect ratio, similiar to the images on the site.