Skills & Positions

There are lots of different skills to the game of hurling. Working hard to put players under pressure is always helpful, as is fitness, but in the majority of games in the Northwest Division, having the basic skills of the game and being able to catch, control and strike the ball is the major difference between victory or defeat.

The best and most efficient way of practicing these skills are by hitting a sliotar against a wall. In a practice session or match is very useful practice, you may only have a limited number of possessions. However, when you are hitting a ball against a wall, you get far more opportunities to control and strike the ball. It only takes 5-10 minutes per day to build your skill level. Below are some of the basic skills:

Here are the typical positions for normal hurling with 15 players per team. When playing in US GAA Northwest division tournaments with 11 players, all (horizontal) lines below with 3 players will be reduced to 2 players. When playing with 13 players, the full back and full forward lines will generally have 2 players, rather than 3 as shown.

hurling field with 15 positions